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21 Jul 2017

Review: Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart


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Posted By Suzanne L.

If you're looking for a fun way to encourage your children to develop more positive traits, and to learn more about their behavior, then the Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart may be perfect for you. This popular product is designed to help parents guide their children into being more responsible and focused, and it seems to be doing the job well for many families. But is it right for you, and is it worth the money? Features of Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart * Large magnetic calendar and dry erase board, * 16 x 24 inches in size when open, * Used to track children's progress with responsibilities and manners, * Reward system to encourage positive behavior, * 90 magnets for rewards and behaviors. Is Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart Worth Buying? The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart includes a variety of behaviors that parents may have a hard time encouraging and seeing in their children on a regular basis. These include anything from putting toys away to saying thank you. Most of the behaviors involve manners, personal hygiene, and household chores. You even have the option to write your own on blank magnets, which adds a little flexibility to the chart. Most parents who have purchased the chart have reported a clear success with their family's use of the chart, noting that their children actually enjoyed using it. The reinforcement/reward system seems to work for most kids, according to the customer reviews, as long as the chart is used in a respectful way. The only common concerns from parents are problems with the wording of some of the behaviors. Some parents found that they were worded too negatively, rather than emphasizing the positive perspective of the given behavior: for example “no teasing” instead of “being friendly”. A good way to work around this is to initiate dialogues with children about the thoughts behind the titles on the magnet, choosing to emphasize the positive qualities that aren't noted on the magnet itself. Another drawback of the chart is the strength of the magnets: they haven't been able to hold up over time for some families. This may either be a product defect or quality issue, but it's not common across all reviews of the product. Taking all of the pros and cons into consideration, and looking over the countless successes parents have seen with their children, it appears that the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart is well worth the price.


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